Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Fat. The End

I'm feeling very fat these days.  It shouldn't surprise me.  I do, after all, eat fast food for lunch on a regular basis, drink sugary (but caffiene-free) cokes as a mild addiction, and fail to exercise more than chasing a toddler includes.

But it's almost like I ballooned up overnight.  Or, maybe just over the last two weeks.

A friend mentioned that, since I had lost weight so easily with nursing, that maybe my metabolism is just adjusting to weaning.

I think it has more to do with liquid sugar, but I'll go with her idea for now.

Going back to nursing isn't going to happen.  So I guess it's on to Plan B. 

Whatever the hell that is.


Meredith said...

Fat equals greats boobies and fun ass. I rock my size 14 and LOVE it! Just embrace what you have, beautiful lady!

Serifm said...

I'm about to start Weight Watcher's online program. (I'm not a meeting person.) Sigh.