Thursday, June 24, 2010

11 words

So one day while procrastinating badly, I came across this little gem on Lifehacker.

To be productive, remember the following: One thing at a time.  Most Important thing first.  Start now.

One thing at a time.
Most important thing first.
Start now.

I wrote it on a post-it note and stuck it to my computer monitor at work.  And I will tell you, it does really help.

I'm only in my office now when I REALLY need to do something.  When I REALLY need to post a document for my online class.  Or I have some other big problem.  Last week when I posted the test, I hadn't entered the start date properly.  I spent all weekend thinking everything was fine until I checked email Sunday night and had a slew of panicked emails from students asking "where's the test?".  So Monday I had to ask Mom to watch my girl while I tried to figure out how to fix it.

I got into my office, and immediately saw the post-it.  I took a deep breath, and started working.

This morning, my little one is at daycare.  Somehow I have less guilt having someone watch her if I am paying them money.  I have all day to complete my to-do list (which is a little open-ended because I'm "working ahead".)  But as I slipped into my chair, I saw my post-it.  Took a deep breath.  And accomplished more before 11 am than I really thought I would.

So I thought I'd share.

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Sara said...

So simple, and should be tattooed on my hand.