Monday, June 14, 2010

I survived!

We are home from our big trip.  Others were able to join us, so it was my mom and two of her sisters, my cousin and her daughter, and the Wee One and I.  Yes, that's right.  5 adults and two children traveled in one van and stayed in one hotel room for four days.  And we were all still speaking at the end of it!

My daughter was amazing.  She was so very very good.  She still slept pretty well, despite the fact that four new teeth seem to be appearing all at the same time.  She ate great and suddenly has started speaking.  She has her version of book, ball, duck, dog, Grandpa, and Dora now, in addition to uh-ho, baby, Momma, and Nan.

Oh, and I am Muh-MA, she made sure everyone knew on the trip.

More stories and photos to come.  For now I have to make sure my online class is updated with documents for the coming week and then go to a meeting where I have to decide if I want to chase the tenure dream or remain a contract faculty.

And then finish laundry!


MommieV said...

P.S. I'll be around soon to catch up on my reading and commenting. Have to unpack the laptop first!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Welcome back! I love her version of "momma" Gunnar's version is MA! MMMMA!

FruitFish said...

How fast those five days went. I hope for you it didn't zoom by to fast. I'm glad you had a good time and wee one was a good one.
I love hearing all the new words my 2 year old niece is now picking up daily--it's crazy. I can't wait until I get called Mama ;)

Sara said...

Muh-MA! (Perishing from the cuteness over here.)

Laraf123 said...

Traveling in a van with that many people, maybe. All in one hotel room for 4 days? Wow! So glad you enjoyed yourself--isn't it fun when their vocabulary starts growing?!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So fun when they say Mama!!!