Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In the subtitle of this blog, I mention that I sometimes feel like I have split personalities.  There's the "mom/daughter/family" me.  Then there's the "work/professional/academic" me. 

There's also an OCD/ADHD me in there too, but we're not discussing that in this post!

Sunday my mom watched my wee one for quite a few hours.  I went home and went back to bed and then went and got junk food all by myself (aaaahhhhhhhh!).  I then proceeded to clean rooms of the house that haven't been cleaned in a while, since that was the original purpose of the time alone I had been blessed with.

When cleaning my room, I picked up the very large stack of books next to my bed that were in various stages of being read, and dutifully put them on the bookshelf.

The Mommie books:

The "me" books:

The Leadership/Communication/Academic books:
Developing the Leader Within (I have the older out-of-print version)
Building Community
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
(Carly Fiorina's autobiography is still next to the bed to be finished.)

That's a pretty good example of why I feel like I have split personalities.  And I imagine with taking masters classes and working on tenure projects, that might just get worse before it gets better.


Anonymous said...

ha! i was reading psych books on marriage when i was still in high school along with the brit teen girl books. i always feel a bit embarrassed for my roommates to see my, "can this marriage be saved?" along side my "codependant no more" and "gospel principles," and "survey of art history" and then random dumb girl books and PARENTING magazines. I like those too. I am currently 20 and totally single and childless... Idk what's wrong with me. xD

MommieV said...

I totally have Codependent No More - and I'm still totally codependent so go figure.

Keep the parenting mags around. When you do have children (if that's what you choose) they will provide a good laugh.

Serifm said...

Schizophrenic? I prefer "well-rounded."

Anonymous said...

ha ha i will! why will i laugh?