Sunday, June 13, 2010

I lost my diary, so I poured out crazy thoughts here

If you have a hole inside of you, how do you fill it up? 

Because you can try lots of different kinds of things, but nothing quite fits.

Square peg in a round hole.  It can jam it up, cause you to forget there is a hole there.  But eventually, there are still spaces.

There is still a hole.

(poetry by me)


I am crazy.  I am absolutely certifiably batty.

I am buying another organizer.

Since the last time I aired my dirty laundry on being a crazy organizer addict, I actually bought a new planner.  Nothing is quite right.  It's never quite right.  It's still a hole.  There are still spaces.  So you buy another planner.  It's not quite right either.  And you keep trying one after another after another, and some of them work, but they aren't right.  Not quite right.


I bought this one last fall.  It has the perfect weekly layout (I HAVE to do vertical weeks, I won't even consider going back.  In my next planner, I'll put all my classes in using color codes.  Awesomeness.) and follows the academic year.  But it doesn't have any monthly pages.  The manufacturer does make a different version with months as well as weeks, but not in an academic year format.  And it's the middle of summer and I'm not buying a planner that will be half blank.  (Our college's bookstore sells a similar one.  Which I almost bought.  I knew I wouldn't like it, so I refrained.  Barely.)

I tried to use an electronic organizer.  Good for my portability requirement.  But I found that I really do prefer paper planning.  I'm too visual.  It's difficult for me to see an entire week on that little bitty screen.  Although, the color-coding makes my toes curl.

I prefer binder planners, because there is always information that I want to add.  I usually use Franklin Covey products, so one day while at Target, I bought a new planner.  The whole kit and caboodle (I love that phrase), binder, monthly tabs, weekly pages.  The binder is Navy Blue (second only to Periwinkle as the best color in the world.)  The pages are vertical format.  The planner is small enough to fit in the diaper bag.

So what's the issue, V?

TOO small, the pages are too thin and the ink bleeds through....

I am even annoying myself here, that's how bad it is.

I spent many hours during finals week while giving tests designing my own planner pages.  I have the perfect planner pages in a computer file on my thumb drive.  I just can't figure out how to print them out in the necessary format to the necessary size.  What size do I want to use?  The Compact size is too small.  I have a Classic size binder, which I think I can dig out of a box in my basement.

Back to Covey's website.  There is a discounted refill that has the weekly pages in the appropriate format.  Clean, classy look.  Comes in the Classic size, has monthly tabs.  And is cheaper than the ink I would use to print my own.

I have made myself a deal.  I will let myself buy this one refill set.  Then I will not purchase any more planner stuff for a year.  A year, V, a YEAR.

Or maybe January.


Sara said...

So, I'm only 19 weeks pregnant and I've been researching strollers for over a year. Yes, a year. I started when we began TTC and haven't stopped, even though I know which one I want and I suspect someone has already bought it for me.

My husband patiently, bemusedly watched Youtube reviews with me and listened to my endless debating for quite some time before he said...(drumroll please)...

"What is it that you're really worried about? This can't be about strollers."

He was right...darn him! I think about strollers because it's more fun and less scary than thinking about BEING SOMEONE'S MOM.

Just a thought.

MommieV said...

NO, this is truly and totally and completely about PLANNERS, dammit. Now leave me alone.

What, you're saying I could be using this to AVOID big scary stuff in my life. No, I wouldn't do that. Not me. No, sirree.

Now I have to go crawl in the corner and hum. That seems to work much better. And its cheaper.

Sara said...

LOL. Whatever makes you happy. ;-)