Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Road Trip

Wanna see what 5 adults, 2 children, and all their crap looks like piled in a van for a 14 hour drive?

Oh, did I mention we were traveling with another van that carries a pregnant woman?  Fun times!  (Out of respect I did not photograph her.  If I had I would fear for my life.)

We decided to leave at 4 am.  We rationalized that the children would sleep during the nighttime hours.  Only, getting the Wee One out of bed, changing her diaper, and getting her in the car seat woke her up.
That's my mom taking video of me taking a picture.  Don't ask.

That's the Wee One's WTH look.  She would repeat this many times over the course of four days.

The kids eventually did go back to sleep!

The mountains and scenery were beautiful.

This vacation thing wears me out!

Wee One got new sunglasses (and a whole lot more!) at the outlet mall.

We were there for a surprise party, so finally we got ready for the big fun!

Finally, a good picture of the sunglasses!  OMG, Mommie, will you STOP with the SUNGLASSES!

At the party.

Dancing with Nan.

Waiting for the Guests of Honor.  It was a 25th Wedding Anniversary party.  They didn't know we were coming.  They were so surprised!!!!!  It was awesome!

It was a little warm, so I let my babe run around in her diaper.  We were "the cousins from Kentucky" at the party, so it seemed fitting that we fit the stereotype.

All that stereotyping left us really exhausted!

The trip home was fun.  We left at 8:30 at night so we drove all night while the little ones slept.  I drove quite a bit of the trip home, so the only pics were of her "driving".  She thinks she's big now.

It was a fun trip, but we are glad to be home!!!


FruitFish said...

Love the sunglasses! My grandma used to call me Miss Hollywood when I was little and wore my star shaped sunglasses :)
You two look so pretty all dolled up for the party. She was still all fancy in her adorable print cloth diaper!
I loved when we would go on family vacations and leave in the early morning. It always seemed once we made it out of our state (less than a half hour) we'd be fast asleep in the back!
I have lots of pictures of someone taking a picture of me taking a picture of them too :)
Glad you had fun and made it back safely!

Laraf123 said...

Beautiful party dress! And her hair is getting so long now! What a fun, adventure. She'll love looking at these photos in a few months--you'll be amazed at what she remembers!