Thursday, June 3, 2010

She Can't Enter Because She Would Win And It Totally Wouldn't Be Fair

I have always adored newborn photography.  Even before I was considering having a newborn myself, I would look at those black-and-white wallets of a tiny baby and mommy and daddy hands, and my heart would melt.  So when I had a wee one on the way, I knew I had to find The. Perfect. Photographer.

At the time I lived outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I searched online and found a photographer whose work I really loved, and I emailed her and made an appointment for early May, about two-and-a-half weeks after my due date.

Well, then, the schedule changed.  I went in the hospital on bedrest and delivered by c-section three weeks early.  My health issues didn't resolve after delivery like they were supposed to, so my mother whisked me off to her house to help care for me and my newborn.

Three weeks later, I was thinking about those newborn photos.  Another week later, I thought I should cancel the appointment.  But then, who would take my perfect newborn photos that I wanted?  The black-and-whites with my hands and her sleeping?  Shouldn't I just bundle her up and drive two-and-a-half hours for perfect photos?

I was pretty much a wreck anyway, and I just got really stuck trying to figure out what to do about newborn photos.

And then God answered a prayer.  I Googled "Southern Indiana Infant Photographer", and I found our Miss Lori.  I browsed her website and looked at her work on her blog.  I made an appointment and immediately felt relieved.

Yes, I got the perfect newborn black-and-white.  And then some.  Miss Lori specializes in infant and child photography, and she truly loves what she does.  She is creative and visionary, and takes amazing photos.  We signed up for her Baby Mine program, which allows for unlimited sessions your first year with membership in the program.  And believe me, we took advantage of that!

Here is her newborn session proofs.  I posted a photo from the session with the bunnies previously.   And on their facebook page are some cute items featuring my little one, as well as a commercial that my little one is in.   (I've never linked to fakebook before, so let me know if the links don't work!)

We love Moments so much, my mom has started working there, helping with marketing, set design, and other duties.  Therefore, my Wee One has become the lead baby model/mascot when she's at the studio hanging out with Miss Lori and Nan.  So when special events come up, like the one I'm about to tell you about, she gets to help spread the word.

There's my little supermodel, telling the world about the Beautiful Baby Contest.  (The real reason she can't enter is that we know she's the most Beautiful Baby in the world already.  We need to make it fair for everyone else.  He he.)

So if you know anyone in the greater Louisville or Southern Indiana area with a little one up to age 5, please encourage them to contact Moments Photography and set up their appointment to have photos made to enter the contest.  All entrants will receive a print of the portrait used in the contest.  Folks can drop by the studio to view all the contestants, and vote on their favorite entry.  Entrants can also purchase additional prints by ordering packages - pricing will be available at your session.

Is your little one on the way, but still "in the oven"?  Talk to Lori about her MaDonna expectant mother sessions to capture beautiful and enchanting photos of your beauty as a mother-to-be.

It was chance that led me to her website, and eventually to her studio, but it is her quality work and her beautiful images that keep us coming back.  Please check out her work, and share the contest information with anyone you know that might be interested.


Sara said...

Is this really fair to the other parents? They'll take one look at this beautiful spokesbaby and give up hope. :-)

Lori Reeder said...

awww, you gonna make me cry. You know that I love you, your mama and the wee one. Thanks so much for all you do for me. (Thanks just never seems to be a big enough word.)

Hugs to you!

Miss Lori