Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ET Phone Home

In real life, I can be a rather indecisive person.

(Yes, opinionated people can be indecisive about some things.  Shut up.)

I'm a person who likes options.  I don't necessarily like to be held down to making a decision.

This becomes ever-so-apparent when it comes to a simple little object, a cell phone.

Making a decision about a cell phone is the third level of hell for me.  Because ... what if?  What if I get the "wrong" phone?  What if they come out with a better phone a week later (and that totally happened to me and I was totally pissed about it for a month.)  What if it doesn't end up being as cool and sparkly as I thought it would?  What if it doesn't end up changing my life as I know it like the tween with the gum behind the counter promised?

I had wanted a Motorola RAZR.  (This was a while back, obviously).  My so-called boyfriend had one, as did his real girlfriend (I found out later).  I liked that it was thin and sleek, and it came in pink.  (Only second to blue as an awesome cell phone color.)  About a week later the RAZR2's came out.  I felt like a loser.

One day, while coming home from the pool drunk, I was juggling groceries (I was having a party, what?) and I dropped the RAZR on the concrete.  It cracked and sortof busted the outside screen, but I didn't have the money to replace it, so it stayed like that for months. 

Then I wanted a music phone.  I didn't want to spend the money on the Motorola ROKR, although it was a beautiful piece of machinery that I coveted immensely, I didn't have the hundreds of dollars to spend.  I found a music phone that was in my upgrade price range (with the 2-year service contract thankyouverymuch), but two days later decided I didn't like it, and took it back.  A week later I found another one that was acceptable.  Indecisive, I tell you.

I had a little thing called morning sickness when I was pregnant.  That actually lasted .. um ... alldamnday.  One evening while leaning over the toilet to lose whatever I had been so stupid as to try to force into my stomach that day ... and the cell phone went too.  It was a slider, meaning you couldn't really "take it apart and let it dry" as all my friends were recommending.  So another phone was ruined.

By then the price on the ROKR had come down, so I could buy the phone that I had coveted for so long.  It is a beautiful piece of work, shiny black glass turns into buttons you can touch.  I took such good care of it.  And I bought the insurance.

I had that phone with me in the hospital to listen to music to try to retain my sanity while waiting for a baby to finish baking.  I took the first photos of the baby with that phone.  I have used that phone to get said baby to lay still for diaper changes, and I have played endless amounts of "rainfall" that I use for white noise to get her to sleep.

Sunday I started freaking out about my classes.  Sunday I decided that I didn't have anything appropriate to wear for the first day of class.  Sunday I decided I MUST SHOP FOR NEW CLOTHES NOW OR DIE.  Sunday I put a piece of chocolate in my pocket to hide it from the baby-that-eats-everything.  Sunday I put my cell phone in my pocket to run to the mall to buy new clothes.

Sunday I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, covered in melted white chocolate.  Sunday my mother began complaining that she couldn't hear me talk when she called me on my cell phone.

My beautiful, beloved ROKR can no longer function as a cell phone, apparently.  It still takes photos, sends texts, and plays music beautifully.  And I can hear people when they call.  They just can't hear me.  This is a problem when you are trying for two-way communication.

And that brings us back to what we call SQUARE ONE.  I will now have to research and decide on a NEW PHONE. 

Panic attack.  What if ...???

I have T-Mobile.  I am thinking about the MyTouch G3.  I have enough credit for an upgrade that I could get it free ... with a new two-year contract thankyouverymuch.

Update: since I bought the insurance, and since I made it sound totally like a "warranty" issue and not a "melted white chocolate" issue, they are giving me a new phone!  They have to ship it, tho, so Monday at the earliest.  Now I can just have a new old phone instead of deciding on a new phone!


Funky Mama Bird said...

I have cell phone regrets. I also have tmobile, and I want a new phone. They tell me no. I told them I will pay full price. They told me no (?????). So I have a phone that only works plugged in. It is not a cell phone, it is a second house phone. Grr...

Laraf123 said...

I have the WORST time deciding upon cell phones/service. I spent months comparing and shopping and yet, I still have a pay as you go phone because although I'd love a smartphone (or just a great camera/music/text phone) I cannot commit to the $85 monthly bill. Some months I have a disposable income cushion. Some months I don't. That's just the way it goes as a teacher single mom of two. But I still have phone envy daily.

MommieV said...

See - I'm totally not the only one! I even stayed with the phone that I've had and didn't have to lengthen my contract - and now I even have regrets about that and want the new phone now.