Monday, June 13, 2011


One evening, while having couscous and vegetables for dinner, my kid saw two bunnies in the backyard.  She then had a fit about the two bunnies in the backyard.  So I drug out the camera, and you get inflicted with get to see the rest:

The Great American Backyard Campout is coming up.  I've been dying to take my kid camping, but I haven't camped in a couple of years.  I used to think it was challenging to camp with a dog.  I had no idea.  I think she'll like the backyard campout.  I think it will be a good test to see if my tent is still seam-sealed.  And if it goes horribly wrong, we can just come inside.  Right?

Is anyone else doing Great American Backyard Campout?


Jellybean Mama said...

I am now!

MommieV said...

You're a pro at kid camping! I figured if you weren't already planning to, that you'd jump at the opportunity!