Thursday, June 30, 2011

Other Than Pink

So, my mom bought my kid the Pinkalicious book, took us to see Pinkalicious the musical, and then bought my kid a Pinkalicious sticker book.

From all of this pinkaliciousness, my kid seems to have internalized the message that she "should" want pink, or that everything "should" be pink.  She has started getting upset if we use the yellow bath towel in the evenings after bathtime (we have three yellow towels and one pink towel.  Odds are, the pink one is in the wash.)  She even gets mad if she doesn't get a pink plate to eat off of - and there are no pink plates at my house.  I asked her why she didn't want the purple Dora plate that had been her favorite and she said "pinkalicious".

I told her "pinkalicious" would forgive her if she didn't eat off a pink plate, then I distracted her with the very coveted blue "Pooh" plate that she gets to use occasionally.

So I'm combing Amazon for other books about girls and colors OTHER THAN PINK.  I found Ann Likes Red and ... yea.

Anybody got a book on the shelf that says "sure, pinkalicious is great and all, but you can use a yellow bath towel without throwing a damn fit"?


Funky Mama Bird said...

I have no advice. I'm only commenting because I'm laughing at the fact that there ARE pink plates at my house, and my kid could seriously not care less what color plate he eats off of!

MommieV said...

My kid used to not care. Until this Pinkalicious thing taught her that EVERYTHING should be pink. I mean, she used to like pink clothes, sure, but now it's EVERYTHING.

Even plates.

Although Dora might just win in a pinch.