Friday, June 10, 2011

Community Shout Out

In the process of trying to pare down my diaper stash and get rid of diapers we are not using (and fighting the urge to "save them for the next baby" that I don't know if I'm even having), I thought I had my stash simplified.

Well, it is if you consider all my prefolds in a category called "prefolds".  Then I use "some Thirsties pockets" and "some prefolds and covers" and that's a pretty simplified stash, if you ask me.  It's a far cry from the many varieties of pockets that I did have in various totes in my kids room.

So I thought about doing this post.  A Community Shout Out.  Okay, MommieV Readers, what's in YOUR stash?  Diaper stashes tend to change over time for various reasons - your kid starts daycare so you get more pockets, you want to try some new diapers that you've heard about, your kid gets bigger and you need to size up or try One Size diapers, etc.  So while several readers have commented on various posts about what diapers they use, I thought this would be a good time to take a snapshot of what's in your current rotation.

I thought I would win the prize for the simplest stash currently.  Until, while folding diapers today, I started taking an inventory of the actual kinds and brands of diapers in my load.

12 Thirsties Duo Diapers, Size 2.  Used for daycare and supplemented for nighttime.

7 Thirsties Duo prefolds (hemp/cotton jersey)*
1 Flip organic insert
3 Econobum prefolds
2 Knickernappies hemp prefolds*
2 Panda Tushie bamboo velour prefolds
12 GMD reds
As backup: a dozen Gerber organic cotton prefolds
(* I would buy a whole lot more of these if I had the money)

2 Flip
2 Econobum
2 Thirsties sized covers
1 Thirsties duo cover
As backup: 2 more Thirsties sized covers with the laundry tabs coming off.

Inserts: (used to supplement pockets at nighttime)
3 Thirsties hemp
4 bamboo/zorb from a now defunct Hyenacart store
3 bamboo/zorb from Twinkletoes Diapers

And then, there's the 30 flats I was gifted.  I actually used one today during naptime.  My kid has heat rash, and I was looking for the absolute lightest diapering option I had.  I ended up pad folding a flat in an econobum cover, since she's sometimes dry when she wakes from naps.  It was damp, but worked nicely to help (try to) keep thighs and bum from being too hot.

So what about you?  What diapers are in your current rotation?  Do you have a "rotation" and then a "stash"?  Or are you simplified enough that you are using all your diapers currently?  Anything you are looking to get?  Describe a snapshot of what diapers you have right now.


Funky Mama Bird said...

My diapers are in poor shape. We are officially starting potty training next Saturday, though, and are using the method where you take away all diapers except at night, so my stash next week will consist of two AI2's, four hemp/bamboo inserts and four bamboo/zorb inserts.

Until then, my stash is 6 Little Gpants, 20 hemp/bamboo inserts, 3 FuzziBuns covers and a bunch of tie-died prefolds that I use as back up, as well as two AI2's and four bamboo/zorb inserts.

The little gPants are falling apart. I have to duct tape them on him. It's so sad. Count down to Potty Day is T-minus 6 days and counting!

Elizabeth R., EA said...

I use all Flips with the organic prefolds. My daughter is only six months old though. I can see where I might have to to experiment once she gets a bit older for the nighttime diaper. Although we already use two prefolds for her 8 hour stretch each night and it does a decent job.