Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So, do you know the story? (Totally not sure why I can only find the Spanish edition on Amazon.)

Well, a local playhouse was putting on the show.  My mom bought us tickets, so last Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out to see the show.

A certain Wee One had her pink on:

It was rainy, and had been storming the night before.  As we pulled up to the front of the theater, a woman told us the power was out and they were asking guests to wait in the car.  We got a decent parking spot and kept our eye on the front door.

Meanwhile, this Wee One was playing in the car.
People were walking up to the door, and were being turned away, back to their cars.

Still playing.
Finally, some people were leaving.  We assumed they were upset at the long wait.  It had been almost 40 minutes, by that point.  There were two people from the theater walking around in the parking lot with umbrellas, stopping to answer questions when people flagged them down.  We were told they would try to start the show at 10:00.

Still playing.
Still working.

"I get OUT!"
Finally we overheard a conversation in the parking lot that informed us that they would not be serving the breakfast included with our tickets, that we were encouraged to go get our own breakfast and they would try to start the show at 10:00.

I was pretty peeved.  Here there are representatives from the theater wandering aimlessly around the parking lot, but not going car-to-car to inform the guests of what the plan is.  Apparently someone found out something because there was a mass exodus of cars/vans/SUVs a little while earlier (we found all those people at McDonalds when we went to get our own breakfast).  The woman who answered our questions did manage to bitch that her pant legs were all wet from walking around the parking lot, but didn't mention to us to go get our own breakfast?  Thanks.

So we pulled out of the parking lot to head to McDonalds.  Can you imagine the tears and screaming from my kid?  Who has been talking about Pinkalicious all morning long and has had to sit in the car for 45 minutes in the rain?  I finally calmed her down by explaining that we just had to go get some food, and we would come back for the show.

After our McDonald's run, we come back to a much lousier parking space.  Another conversation in the parking lot told us that the show was being cancelled, and rescheduled for Monday.  (One of the few days of the week that I can actually get my shit-ton of work on online classes and faculty hiring done.)  So, again, we pull out of the parking lot.  With a disappointed kid.

Monday morning we repeat getting ready.  We repeat talking about Pinkalicious.  We repeat putting on the pink.  I called daycare to tell them she would be arriving at lunchtime, and again we headed to the theater.

This time we got out of the car.

Went inside to stand in line to get our table.

Met up with Nan.

Had breakfast.


Took our token picture on the edge of the stage (similar to last time).

And finally we got to see Pinkalicious.

So now my Wee One's favorite color is pink.  If you ask her what she wants to drink, she says "pink".  If you ask her what she wants to eat, she says "pink".  I'm so freaking sick of reading that damn Pinkalicious book I could throw it out the window.  Then tonight she wanted to sleep with it.  But it was worth it, and I bet it will be something she remembers!


hopefulcc said...

Glad you guys were able to see it after what happened Saturday. C is so adorable in pink!

And I have a feeling there's a lot of Pinkalicious coming to my world in the near future....

MommieV said...

Hopeful is that baby still INSIDE YOU? Holy cow girl, you're a better woman than me. I'd done crawled the walls of that hospital by now and they had to rip that fetus out of me.

Okay, not really, it just felt somewhat like that at the time. Seriously, GOOD FOR YOU that you've made it this far!!!!!

And ya, there is TOTALLY some serious PINKALICIOUS in your future!!!!