Thursday, June 30, 2011

NOT a Project Veg recipe - Cheddar Wurst

 So, it's summer.  I haven't bought meat in over 6 months.

It was time.

The one thing I couldn't give up was my summertime craving for cheddarwurst and sauerkraut with spicy mustard on a bun.

Sorry, my wee one was trying to wrestle the camera from my grasp.

Why, yes, this is a photo of my garbage.  I was trying to show what kind of brats I was using.

Put in a large pot.  Add beer.  Boil.

What, you need more instruction than that?  What kind of beer?  Something nutty and brown, or belgian.  Or cheap, whatever.

Boil about 30 minutes (longer if you start with frozen meat, about 45 min then) then grill for about 5 minutes to make them all crispy on the outside.  They're really yummy that way.

Mmmmm ... summer.

With spicy brown mustard and kraut on a bun.

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