Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fatherly Advice

The best advice my father ever gave me was sometime either during the summer before I left for college or sometime during the fall that I left.  Or maybe the summer after.  During my sophomore year?

Okay, that part isn't important.  It's what he said that's important.

"My hope for you is that you find something that so captures your imagination that you want to spend the rest of your life learning about it."

This was sandwiched between him trying to talk me into going to Officers Training School in the military and telling me that if I chose to get married while in college, it better be to a rich guy because he would be responsible for paying for the rest of my education.

It's that part in quotes that has stuck with me.  It was really good advice, and I've passed it along to others.  I'm hoping to pass it along to my wee one. 

Because it really is true.

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hopefulcc said...

I love this advice so much. Please thank your dad for me. I plan to pass it along to my little one as well. :)