Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diaper Stash

I've seen some cloth diaper stashes (there's always a thread or two on the Diaperswappers board - check the Extra Fluffy thread) and there are alot of mamas that have alot more diapers than I do.

However, I do have alot more diapers than I thought I would when I started out.

Part of it is that they're so dang cute!  Part of it is that I went through a phase where I wanted to try lots of different diapers to see how they worked.  Part of it is that I had a stash that worked, and then we started daycare and needed a different kind of diaper.

So here is what our diaper stash looks like currently.  (After having done this little exercise, I have identified some things that I could get rid of, if I could stand to deal with FSOT again.)

The majority of our diapers are stored in fabric tote boxes in a short bookshelf, which looks like this:

The top left basket has the majority of our Thirsties Duo Diapers:

The top right tote has the rest of our pockets, Knickernappies, Swaddlebees, CDW, and a WAHM diaper that I really need to get rid of because I never use it because it leaks.

The bottom left tote has our Thirsties AIOs.  I bought these when planning for daycare, because they were discontinued and cheap.  Some of them "leak", but I keep them as backup diapers.  The top two are Fuzzi Bunz stuffed for nighttime.

The bottom right tote has fitted diapers.  Some of these might not fit her anymore, so I need to check.  I have thought about getting rid of the fitteds, since we use pockets so much now.  If we weren't using pockets, we'd be using prefolds.  But fitteds work so well under woolies, so I'm keeping them until next winter and seeing if I use them then.

The rest of our diapers are kept here:

On the hanging thing are Gerber prefolds (the icky ones with the polyfill stuffing that aren't good for squat but somehow I have hung onto), our infant sized prefolds (which are too small but prefolds, especially stained ones, don't sell well on FSOT.  Maybe I'll find some expectant mama and give them to her SARA!), some woolies, some extra microfiber (left) and bamboo/hemp (right) pocket inserts, and on the bottom are the prefolds we currently use - when we use prefolds.  In the tote on the right are diapers that are too big that we haven't grown into yet, a couple of Large Fuzzi Bunz and some Dry Bees pockets (that I really don't think I'm going to like but oh well).

I'm a big believer in using totes and baskets as storage, because you can kindof toss things in them.  If you toss one kind of item per basket, then you are automatically organized.  I have another area of her room with baskets - one for socks, one for babylegs, etc.  Using totes and baskets to organize diapers helps alot.


I don't know that my diapers have been this organized in a long time.  And I seriously doubt they will be this organized again in a long time.  However, sorting them out like that helped me to realize I'd misplaced a couple of diapers (at first I thought daycare might have thrown more diapers away, but after cursing them silently, I found the diapers in my car.  Ooops!)

It also helped me realize the things I've accumulated that we're not really using (we have ALOT of extra microfiber inserts just hanging around) so I'm thinking about doing a big listing to sell them.  Hmm.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Holy moly that's a lot of diapers! =) And here I was wondering if it was overkill if I buy two more. Guess not! Off to the store I go! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to have my 3rd baby but haven't ever done CD. I have 24 prefolds, 3 covers (thirsties) and a few fitteds. I was thinking of getting 2 more Thirsties covers and then going for 6 or 8 duo pockets in size 1. Do you think the duos would work well on a newborn?

FruitFish said...

Oh how I love organization -- you totally made me smile :) I even have that white basket with the pink inset! I can't wait to have that many diapers and all in their own place.

Sara said...

OMG I'm famous. I'm mentioned on Valerie's blog! (Will totally take the prefolds off your hands to use with my BumGenius Flip wraps.)

So did you count all your diapers while you were organizing them? How many are there?

I have the 24 Coolababies with inserts (which may or may not get sold on Craigslist and replaced with Thirsties Duo Diapers, depending on how well they work out), 4 Flip wraps and 24 BG inserts.

Now, can microfiber inserts (like the ones that came with the Coolababies, and are the same on both sides) be used directly against a baby's skin or would that be too drying?

MommieV said...

Anon- I do think the size 1s will work on a newborn. You might want to go to Sew Crafy Baby's retail site (sewcraftybaby.com). She has a photo gallery of lots of diapers on different sized babies - see if she has any size 1s on newborns there. Also, you might want to go to Diaperswappers and ask if any mamas can post photos of their newborns in size 1s. Mamas love to post photos of their babies in cloth, and that will give you an idea of what the size 1 Duo's will look like on a newborn.

I have always been able to get away with three covers. With a newborn, tho, you might need one or two more.

Sara - unfortunately microfiber can't go next to the skin, it causes redness. Cotton Babies sells an "insert sock" that is designed for you to put the insert it and then it can go next to baby skin. They are fairly cheap, but if you sew - or know a sewer - they can probably make something similar from fleece or flannel.