Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Morning - So Far

We didn't sleep all that great last night. We slept in about 2-hour stretches, which is enough for me to not go crazy, but I feel VERY tired this morning. Her last wake-up to nurse was at 4:20. I nursed her really good, then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up. I then proceeded to ... make the guest bed, put the laundry in the dryer, put away clean clothes in her bedroom and put the huge pile of winter clothes I had pulled out a week ago into a tote for the basement, put away books and toys in her bedroom, organize her hair elastics into baggies, do some dishes, put away toys and books in the living room, sweep the kitchen and dining room, mop the kitchen and dining room, pack the diaper bag and a food and milk bag, pick up all the dirty laundry and throw it downstairs, clean the food (and ants!!!!) off her highchair, drink a coke, shower and get dressed, and schlepp all the bags to the car.

By then I was exhaused, and it was 6:30. Time to get her up and dressed and pull her hair off her face and get her to her Nan's because I still had two exams to write before my 8:00 class.

I finished editing one, printed it out, and students are currently taking it as I write this. I just finished editing the other, I will print it out in a bit, and then set up the lab exam for this afternoon.

So, while I am utterly exhausted, I seem to be functioning rather well on adrenaline and a bit of caffiene, and I seem to be chugging along through my Stress (Finals) Week.

This was her on Saturday, on our way to a Derby Party.

This is what makes it all worth it.

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Billy said...

Wow! You do a lot in two hours!! I wish I had just a bit of your energy :-)