Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Buy Panties at T arget

I have a ton of panties I bought when I was preggo.  A size too big and the wrong style and waaaaay too much fabric to go under shorts.

B.C. (Before C.) I used to wear thong underwear.  Truly.  Somehow I'm not sure that thong panty lines when you bend over to pick up your toddler are ... appropriate ... for an ALMOST FORTY SOMETHING mother.

So I've been trying to figure out what my new brand/style of underwear will be.

HAS to be comfortable.

HAS to fit appropriately, without billowing out of summer clothing.

Cheap is always good.

So I'm at Le Tarjais (T arget) and I'm perusing the panties.  H anes has these "guaranteed not to ride up" ones that look promising.  A plastic pack of 6 or a non-plastic pack of 3 with the "comfort waistband".  I make my selection (pretty much based on what they have in my size, because apparently my T arget caters to women who wear size 5 undies.)

I get home and begin unwrapping my panty purchase to add them to the laundry.

I notive that the package with the "comfort waistband" that is supposed to have 3 pairs of panties has only 2 pairs of panties.

Annoyed, I just throw all the panties in the laundry.

Yesterday, during one of Wee One's awesome two-hour naps IN HER CRIB, I fold laundry.  And notice something interesting about several of the other pairs of panties from the OTHER package.

Three pairs from the same package.  Two are very similar in size.  In fact, I would call them The Same Size.

The third pair:  not so much.

In fact, rather than being the "hi cut" style that the package proclaims, these ... are bikinis.  IN THE SAME PACKAGE. 

News flash: I have had a C-section.  I have a C-section scar that is sensitive and hurts when the wind blows the wrong way.  I will never be wearing bikinis ever again in my life.

So I'll probably still buy lots of other stuff at T arget, but I won't ever buy panties there ever again.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Oh man, what a pain! I always buy mine at Target and have never had a problem. I like boy shorts; they stay put, no panty line and are way more comfortable (to me) than a thong. Did the packages look open and resealed?

I have package phobia; if the package looks tampered with, I won't buy it even if it's the last one on the shelf.

Sara said...

I don't know why, but the sight of those oddly small panties is hilarious.

FruitFish said...

Grr Argh--that stinks! Maybe drop a line to Hanes letting them know?

Anonymous said...

mom I would love to have her panties just get her to wear them for a week first please