Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Thirsties Prints Are Here!!!!!! and other diaper stuff

The Thirsties Prints that I preordered, like, a month ago finally arrived today.  Snappy Diapers were the only ones preordering when I first found out the Duo Diapers were coming out in prints, so I jumped on the preorder bandwagon.  In fact, I was so excited when preordering, I didn't change the drop-down box to size 2, and had to email them and ask them to change my preorder.  Doh!  Kristen did an amazing job of keeping me posted as Thirsties delayed their release.

I washed them immediately so we could wear one as our nighttime diaper.  I used a previously washed insert, tho.  Since the Duo inserts have a hemp layer, multiple washings are required to remove the natural oils from the fabric and make the hemp absorbent.

Thirsties advertises that the prints match the shades of solids that the Duo Diapers are already available in, and they are right.

Blackbird shown with Honeydew, Meadow, Mango, and Ocean

Warm Stripes shown with Rose, Orchid, Mango, and Meadow

Cool Stripes shown with Ocean, Meadow, and Honeydew

The only solid color not seen in any of these prints is the Storm Cloud.  Not a single print has that shade.  Which is unfortunate, because its my favorite of the colors.

Can't wait to try the rest tomorrow.  Will update with photos then.


In other diaper news, I think we are going to have to retire this diaper:

One night last week, Wee One woke me up to nurse, and she was wet.  No, not wet.  SOAKED.  EVERYWHERE.  She was laying in a puddle and her jammies were drenched.  It was the diaper.  I changed her and laid a towel on the bed.  How much did she have to pee to outdo the absorbency of this diaper?  Only ... the insert wasn't that wet.  I guess the diaper had leaked somehow rather than the insert absorbing it.

I, of course, forgot about this incident.  After washing a load of diaper laundry, I re-stuffed all three nighttime diapers.  I stuff all three the same way, so before her bath each night, I just have to grab one and go.  So I did.  And again, the pink one TOTALLY FAILED AGAIN.  Again, I was changing her at 2 am in the dark and laying a towel down.

This was one of the first diapers I ever bought.  I bought it used off the FSOT thread on Diaperswappers.  I had heard Fuzzi Bunz were good pockets (and they are - if you can figure out the crazy size changes) and this one was cheap.  In the back of the pocket, where the fabric forms the casing for the elastic, a thread had come undone.  However, it didn't affect the function of the diaper, and the mama totally disclosed it, and if I was more detail-oriented and could find a needle in a haystack, I mean, my house, then I totally could have fixed it.

We have used this diaper every third night since last summer.  It's kindof no wonder that it's kicking the bucket.

I'm giving it a chance, though.  I'm going to strip it and see if maybe mineral or detergent buildup is causing it to lose its absorbency.  I'm afraid the PUL might be shot, tho, and there's not really a cure for that.

Yes, that is a diaper in a pot of water with Dawn dishwashing detergent, just boiled.  That's the best method to strip a diaper.


And lastly, unfortunately I think I'm going to have to redact an earlier rave for these diapers:

I'm loving snap diapers because Wee One tries to take off velcro diapers.  However, twice in the last month I have shown up at daycare with poop dripping down her leg because these diapers are not really good at holding the runny stuff in.  When all we used was Thirsties products - either covers or the Duo Diapers (both have leg gussets) - we never had a blowout in a cloth diaper, only sposies.  With the Knickernappies, I've had two blowouts and it's not been pretty.

That sucks, because I have quite a few of them

(this isn't all - there are two in the wet bag that are dirty, and one is a backup that I keep at daycare.)  I guess I can use them when I don't think she's about to have a big poo. 

And this has nothing to do with the fact that I didn't win six of their diapers in their Facebook photo contest, either.


Oh, and I meant to celebrate my 100th post when I got there, but that was the previous one to this.  So, Happy 101st Post To Me!


Sara said...

The Thirsties are so pretty! I hope the Coolababies don't leak out the leg like the Knickernappies...I'm a little suspicious because the leg holes look pretty roomy. Oh well. If they do, I guess I can always sell them and start over with another kind, huh?

Billy said...

Happy 101st post!
And those Thirsties do look pretty :-).

Funky Mama Bird said...

I swear my head is still spinning learning about all this cloth diapering! I've also learned that disposable diapers have made me very lazy, and I should probably be changing my kid more often!

Thanks for sharing all this info; it has been SOOOOOO helpful!

FruitFish said...

I'm loving learning more about cd through you! Thanks for blogging about it.