Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Please Help Me Win SIX Diapers

Hi.  This is me, trying to win free diapers.  Again.

You see, my Wee One has learned about velcro.  Like, how to pull it so it comes undone.  She took her diaper completely off today at her Nan's house.  Of course her Nan laughed at her (who wouldn't?) (but that's positive reinforcement).  So now she thinks its funny to take off her diapers.

So we need more diapers with snap closures.  We have some.  About a day's worth.  Not enough.

I could win SIX diapers.  Like, over a hundred bucks worth of diapers, man.  That would be cool.

And they snap.  Even better.

Will you help me?  Pretty, pretty please?

Go here.  Click "Like".  That's a vote.

Tell all your friends too.  That would be cool.

Thank you!

This is the photo you are looking for on the Knickernappies fan page:

Yea, we won that diaper in a giveaway too.

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