Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Etiquette. Or, Please Comment If You Were Here

When I first started reading blogs, an experience I wrote about here, I didn't know that much about the blogging world.  I especially didn't know that much about mommy blogs.  I was a mommy only in the sense that I had just found out I had a pea-size bunch of cells inhabiting my uterus.  I didn't have any ideas about motherhood, I didn't have anything to say, I was just trying to learn.  So I'd come across blogs, and read.  Often I'd laugh until I had tears streaming down my face, sometimes I'd just be crying.  Then I'd leave.  I'd go work on stuff for my classes, I'd actually go TO class, or I'd go home and sleep.

Those mamas, that made me laugh until I was crying, or who touched my heart and made me cry, or who did both, never knew that they had touched me.

Because I didn't comment.

I didn't think I had anything to say.  Hi, I was here, I read, I cried, thanks for sharing.

But that would have been enough.

In fact, that would have been exactly what they were looking for.

I know this now, because I blog.

I don't blog to get comments.  I am blogging to record events in our lives as they unfold.  But I have also begun blogging to maintain connections to friends I am making.  Friends I am making through comments.

But although I don't blog to get comments, I do like the comments.  It shows me the people that are coming by to read, it shows me their perspective on what I have written, and when what I've written is about a problem we are having, and they offer suggestions or resources, or just support, that helps me to feel better about what we are going through.

Other mamas also like comments.  Because it shows them who came by to read, it shows them perspectives on what they have written, and sometimes it gives them suggestions and resources and support.

Some mamas have had issues with commenters being rude, insulting, or mean.  Mamas can be mean to other mamas.  I haven't had that experience yet, but my goal is to be a big enough blogger one day that it happens to me.

So when you go visit a blog, please make sure to comment.  Even if you just say "hi, I was here, I read this", that gives that blogger information.  If you also have a blog, make sure your link is there.  If what you say is particularly witty or interesting or otherwise catches someone's eye, they can come read your blog.  If you found their blog in some particular way, letting them know that is helpful.  Just letting them know they were part of your day is meaningful.

And if it moves you to tears, or makes you laugh until you cry (or pee a little) PLEASE be sure to tell them that.  It will mean the world to them.  I know it would me.

Please comment if you were here, I'd love to know about you.

She is saying "you should comment more often, you know.  It's important"


Laraf123 said...

I try to leave comments so people know that their words landed somewhere. Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

LOL! And here I've been restraining myself from commenting on every single post on my favorite blogs. I thought it would be annoying.

FruitFish said...

My niece would LOVE that shirt LO's sporting--she is in love with birbies ;)

MommieV said...

Its a pajama set from Old Navy - they had them on sale on their website, but didn't have the 18 month size, so I went and looked at the store and found it.

The pants have more birdies all over them.

The pajamas she is wearing in the Bedtime post are Old Navy also.