Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some People For You To Go See

I started blogging as a way to record some of my thoughts and the events as they unfold in the life of Me And My Wee One.  I really really really regret not starting sooner, but I am very glad I started when I did.

One of the wonderful aspects of starting a blog has been "meeting" other mama bloggers.  Sure, I read Dooce.  And DaMomma.  And some others that have huge followings, have written books, and pretty much lead the life I dream of - working from home and spending lots of time with their little ones while making money off the words they craft.

But there are other mamas out there that are just as interesting, and have just as much to say.  Making connections with those mamas has been one of the best parts of jumping into the mommy blogging community.  I am on a blogroll here and here.  I have even made international friends!

So go visit some of my new friends.  But please especially go visit Betsy at Funky Mama Bird.  She is very creative - and has a giveaway to prove it.  (But be warned, I REALLY WANT the earrings.  They are BEAUTIFUL.)  So go see her.  Be sure to comment.  But don't worry about the earrings. 

I have dibs.


Laraf123 said...

I wish I had started sooner too! Blogging sure helps me process the experience of motherhood. Who knew?

Billy said...

I enjoy reading and learnig alot from your blog!