Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Funny of The Day

Mostly, this kind of thing pisses me off.  This, however, is just too freaking hysterical to make one angry.  I actually was so surprised by a line in this story that I laughed (loudly, yes) before restraining myself because the baby is napping.

@overflowingbrain mentions this link on Twitter.  So I went and read it.  Go ahead, I'll wait for you to read it too.

Specifically her tweet said: Pat Robertson knows there are A LOT of "gay activities" that can be done at home, during a blizzard, right?

That was amusing enough to make me smile.

The laugh, though?  Was this:  "...the televangelist said, 'I think God probably wonders, if these people are really straight, then what are they doing in New York?'."

Her current twitter feed includes a discussion of the satirical nature of the piece.  Still, it made my day, so I had to share.

I'm wondering, though ... if God punishes gay people with blizzards, why didn't He dump those feet of snow on Berkeley, CA?  I mean, if we're being stereotypical and all ....


Overflowing Brain said...

Haha, I still haven't determined if it's real or not. It's sad when a story like that could go either way...


Funky Mama Bird said...

So if I were to believe this guy, Derry, New Hampshire is filled with gay people, too, and the fact that all of the HOSPITALS and day programs for MENTALLY CHALLENGED people my husband sends employees to, which were canceled due to snow, that was because all of those people are gay, too? Heh.

Serifm said...

Time to resurrect my post-Haitian earthquake mantra: "I will not wish a horrible death upon Pat Robertson. I will not wish a horrible death upon Pat Robertson." maybe it's a joke. Sad that it mightn't be.