Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For everyone who wanted to see photos of my almost-21-month-old at open gym at the gymnastics sportsplex, here you go ...

Week 1: There are no photos.  This post may remind you of why.

Week 2:  Okay, I kept track of my phone, took a few photos, and steered totally clear of the foam pit.  We're on a roll.

She loves climbing through this barrel thing.  Until it starts to roll.  I try to hold it still.  Then some little snot kid comes and tells me that we're playing with it wrong.

See?  Loves it.

She is DYING to figure out this hula hoop thing.  I no longer hula hoop in public, so I am no help for her.  Maybe this summer, in the backyard.  After 6 months of Weight Watchers.

Eventually, with socks off, and some coaching, she climbed all the way up and slid down the other side.  It was a little high for her tastes: she was glad she accomplished it, but didn't want to try it again.

"Up, please?"

The Foam Pit.  Note that I'm on the mat on the side taking the photo and not trying to haul my ass out like last week.

Week 3:  This week there were also School Age children at open gym.  Therefore I spent ALOT more time defending my daughter from big-boy body slams, and had less opportunity to take photos.  Also, I'm not sure how we ended up in the same pants for gymnastics two weeks in a row.  If I had actually PLANNED that, they would have been in the laundry :)
She is having a bit of a hard time figuring out the whole "hoodie" thing.
Maybe now she will keep it on.  And yes, that is "Dora Saves The Puppies" playing on the TV in case you were wondering.

There you go.  We are considering starting a Mom-and-Tot class in January, since she did so well at Open Gym and obviously enjoyed herself.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Gunne wears the exact same thing each week and I bought him clothes just for going. That way he always has something clean without zippers, hooks or buttons. =)

Also, I totally dove into the foam pit at his last class... and lost my socks. I thought of you. ;)

FruitFish said...

I know I'm going backwards to catch up on the blog. So maybe this response would be better with the one where you go into the foam, but anyways. . .
My sisters and I sometimes had our birthday parties at a kids gym. And then some of the cousins that came after us (I still have sixth grade cousins) did as well. I believe the last one I went to I was probably 19 or 20, tiny little fit thing who went into the pit and a how I'd even attempt it no out. I have no idea how I'd even attempt it now!
The class sounds like so much fun!