Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking to Grandpa's: Fall Edition

I should probably note that my mother does actually live with my father in the house down the street, so it's not just walking to Grandpa's, it's walking to Nan's too. 

I should also note that she doesn't actually call him Grandpa yet.  It comes out more as 'Boppa'.  Nan comes out as 'Nee'.  So most mornings begin with her going to the door chanting "Nee?  Boppa?  Nee?  Boppa?"  Made ever worse this week since Boppa took a bunch of vacation and had been off for a week and a half.  How do you explain "work" to a 20-month-old?

And now, without further (inane, rambling) explanation, the photos.

If I had taken one more, it could have been A Story In Five Acts.  Mommie wasn't paying attention.  So it has been relegated to a Walking to Grandpa's post.  Sorry!

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Laraf123 said...

You are so lucky to have grandma and grandpa within walking distance. I'm envious! What great photos--they do tell a story if even just four acts...