Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Relatively Innocuous

Some people might consider this to be a lazy post.  Those people might actually be right.  Because I've never done anything like this to a diaper.  So if you have limited time, skip the drivel below and go read what poor Betsy did to win the award for the worst thing to do to a diaper.

Mommie V

It's Cloth Tushie Tuesday!  Our topic today, in honor of my co-host's recent troubles, is: "what's the worst thing you've ever done to a cloth diaper?"

I personally haven't really done anything horrible to a cloth diaper.  Some of my diapers have met with demise, however - usually at the hands of my daycare.

1.  I have lost at least two, possibly three diapers, that have been thrown away at daycare.  The first was the cow print diaper, the second was a white Thirsties Duo, and the third was a generic pink pocket diaper.

2.  Diapers have come home covered in diaper cream.  Lots of scrubbing with Dawn has appeared to have saved them.

3.  I admit, I did use a cloth wipes solution with tea tree oil that gave us very bad repelling and leaking
I discontinued the use of the wipes solution and stripped all the diapers in Dawn.  Problem solved.

4.  Just this morning I found a thick, luscious prefold diaper in my mother's cabinet, wrapped around the can of (and having been doused in) furniture dusting spray.  My aunt was the last one to clean my mom's house, and she probably thought it was okay, so I don't blame my mom.  While I wish it had been just one of the cheap Gerber prefolds (that I have told my mom that she can use for cleaning), a $2.50 prefold is still much better than an $18 pocket diaper.

But still, I've got nothing on FMB's grout issues.

Link up below, and tell us ... what's the worst thing you've ever done to a cloth diaper?


MommieV said...

I thought about mentioning the posts on Diaperswappers that I read long ago where one mama found an old diaper pail with maggots on her cloth diapers, and another found moldy cloth diapers in the trunk of her car after a road trip.

Esperanza said...

Have you done a post on how to strip diapers? I'm sure if I looked for it I could find it, but I'm so busy at work I don't have much time. If it's easy to send me the link, I would really appreciate it. If you are also too busy to go find it, don't worry about, I can figure it out later!

MommieV said...

I haven't done one on stripping. I did write about some I was stripping a long while back, but I haven't really done a 'how to' or any hints. i'll look for it and email it to you.

MommieV said...