Friday, December 24, 2010

To My Dear Sweet Wee One on Christmas Eve

It's 9:05 pm.  Your play kitchen is put together, your Grandpa blew up the climbing toy I got for you, and all of the rest of your presents are wrapped under the tree.  I forgot to put Santa's key out before you went to sleep, but I did it soon after.

You didn't nap at all today.  You went shopping with your Nan while Grandpa and I worked on your presents.  We had White Castles for lunch, then you were very tired, but didn't want to go to sleep in your crib at Nan's.  I think Nan has you spoiled by letting you go to sleep on her shoulder when you are at her house.  I also think you were excited about Christmas!

We came home this afternoon and I thought you would sleep then, but you were still playing.  We don't have a traditional Christmas Eve supper yet, so I fixed you some soup that you ate, then you had oatmeal as your snack before bed.  I took a funny video of you in the bathtub - you have the prettiest laugh.

I am trying once again to make Croquembouche.  I have no idea why this has become so important to me that I'm staying up much later than I should to make it.  You went to sleep before 6:30 tonight, and I imagine that you will be up early, so I should be sleeping rather than trying to make some silly pastry tower with spun sugar.  But yet, I try.

Tomorrow morning I will make a breakfast casserole, and possibly sourdough bread from the starter that Jenny shared with us.  You can see your kitchen and climbing toy, and then when Nan and Grandpa come we will open the rest of your presents.  I can't wait to see how you like playing with all your new toys, and reading all your new books.

You are the light and joy of my life.  Mommie loves you so very much.  I am so glad that God gave you to me, and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow. 


Last year's letter:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

8:42 p.m.

Dear Baby C,

It’s your first Christmas Eve. You are asleep in my bed (since we haven’t gotten you to where you are sleeping in your bed just yet) in special Christmas pajamas. I just finished putting together the breakfast casserole in the crock pot for it to cook overnight, and now am I relaxing and looking at our beautiful Christmas tree. It has started to rain, and I can hear the rain falling outside. It feels so peaceful.

I am so excited about our first Christmas in our new house, and your first Christmas ever. I have lots of surprises for Nan and Grandpa planned. I ordered a mug for Grandpa to take to his work with two pictures of you on it. Rather than wrap it with all his other presents, I am just going to give him his coffee in it tomorrow morning, and see if he notices a beautiful baby smiling at him. The picture of you in the stocking that Miss Lori and Miss Sharon made is stuck on the fridge with a magnet. I want to see how long it takes your Nan and Grandpa to notice! I got Nan a keychain that plays digital photos. It is red (of course!). Grandpa is supposed to make sure that she brings her keys so I can try to slip it on her keychain. So sneaky!

But their biggest surprise is the pictures of me and you from our Mommy and Me photo session – your Nan and Grandpa don’t even really know that we had them done. I think your Nan might know – she told me that Grandpa was worried about having photos of me and you together, and I told her not to worry about it. So she might have taken the hint. But she hasn’t seen them. I have the big one wrapped up for Nan to open, and I have two small ones of you in the stocking and you in Santa’s sack for Grandpa to open. Once they see those, I will show them the DVD of the rest of the proofs from the session. I hope they are surprised!

Miss Lori made us gift tags with one of the photos of me and you, and so once Nan and Grandpa see the photos, I can bring out the rest of the presents with the gift tags on them. In addition to the mug, we got your Grandpa a battery tester and organizer, since he always puts the batteries in your swing and your toys. I got him a measuring tape with a notepad and calculator, and a mosquito trap to use when he grills out next summer. For Nan we got personalized notecards and a photo pen with a picture of us inside, a Paula Dean sauté pan, and some red shirts.

You have a bunch of presents under the tree from Nan and from Mommy. Nan bought you lots of clothes and some toys. Mommy bought you some clothes, but also some soft diapers, some books, and some babylegs. Mommy also bought you some wool diaper covers. We’ll see how they fit!

The table is set with a navy blue tablecloth, and is decorated with silver and blue ribbons and blue and white ornaments, with a glass globe in the center with white and iridescent decorations. It is so pretty. Mommy bought some glass goblets today to put juice in, so the table is set with glass plates and goblets, ready for breakfast with Nan and Grandpa. Once we open presents, we will sit down to our breakfast casserole and juice. You will have oatmeal and one of your fruits.

I hope you sleep very well tonight, so you are rested for tomorrow morning. I hope that you and Nan and Grandpa remember your first Christmas morning with a big smile. I know that I will. I love you so very much little one. You are my precious angel.


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