Saturday, December 11, 2010

What December Looks Like Here

(I had this post as a draft because there is a video to go with it.  Only it's on my phone, and somehow, I can't seem to get videos off my phone onto the internet.  So I was waiting .... but it fits with a linkup over at blue milk, so I got it out, dusted it off, and posted it ... sans video.  Maybe that will come later.)

(Updated: yay, video!!)

Last winter my daughter was around 9 months old.  She had just started scooting around on her belly, which I called crawling.  So the first time someone said , "How does the Wee One like the snow?" I replied "I'm not sure she's entirely noticed it.  She likes to look at it."  They persisted, "Has she been out to play in it?"  I almost laughed out loud.  Out in it?  To play?  She's not walking, she's barely mobile.  Am I going to plunk her down in a snowdrift and stand and say, "There, honey, how do you like that?"  So I simply replied "since she's not walking or even, really, crawling yet, she hasn't been out in the snow that much."

This year, she is fascinated with the snow.  She liked to watch it falling (insert video here - oh wait, I can't yet).  Only the first 15 seconds are worth watching - unless you want to cringe at her running toward the street and then become afraid of the street cleaner.

For breakfast the first morning, she pushed her table right up to the window so she could eat her oatmeal and look outside at the snow.

So, go check out blue milk, a wonderful slant on feminist mothering in another part of the world - what's not to like about that?  And tell her this is what it looks like in December in this part of Indiana, United States of America.


Funky Mama Bird said...

We're still waiting for the first snow here.

Last year, we put Gunne Bear is a snow suit, stuck him in a sled and pulled him around the yard. I have a feeling this year may be more fun. =)

blue milk said...

Loved this, thank you for putting it up and linking back. Soooo jealous of your snow though. Also, how cute is your little girl?

MommieV said...

Thank you!!

More snow is coming overnight and tomorrow.

Before today I'd never had anyone from Australia visit my blog. Now I've had 11. Welcome!!!