Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mommy Guilt, Episode #4,322

Apparently, my kid has a mind like a steel trap.  Especially when it comes to chicken nuggets.  I had no idea. 

I do now.

After gymnastics, I was craving Wendy's chicken nuggets.  On our way home, I asked my mom to stop.  I ordered a chicken nuggets meal for the kid, but a hamburger for myself.  Oh well, I thought, I'll just eat one of hers.  Note, you can no longer do this at McDonalds.  Those greedy bastards only give you three nuggets in a kids meal now.

I popped one in mouth in the car, chewed slowly, and my nugget craving was assuaged.

We ate lunch, she wouldn't take a nap, blah blah blah.  That part of the story is boring and immaterial.

After finally getting her to take a nap, I walked back into the kitchen where half a nugget remained on her little table.  My brain went "mmm, chicken nugget", and in one fell swoop I picked up the nugget and popped it in my mouth.  Cold, but still nuggety goodness nonetheless.

So she wakes up, walks into the kitchen, puts her finger on the very spot where she left a chicken nugget, and looked at me.  "Chicken nugget?" is what it sounds like she said. 


She is tapping her tiny little finger on that spot, where she knows she left half a chicken nugget and now she wonders where it is.  She repeats herself.  "Chicken nugget?  Chicken nugget?"

Oooops, Mommie screwed up.

So to fix it, I pull out a package of fake (meatless) "chick'n" nuggets from the freezer and pop them into the microwave.  Whenever she sees food "disappear" into the microwave she melts down, so for 2 and a half minutes I had to tolerate her throwing herself to the kitchen floor and crying like I had ... well, eaten her last chicken nugget, then put all the others on a plate in that big white box and told her she couldn't have them until they were "done", whatever that means.

So we had fake chicken nuggets for our after-nap snack.

Today I learned that my kid does remember where she left her last chicken nugget, and if you know what's good for you, it will still be there after her nap.

(We start the egg elimination diet tomorrow after seeing the doc.  So I'm glad I got the fake chick'n nuggets, with egg in them, out of my freezer.  How's THAT for rationalization?)


Funky Mama Bird said...

That. Is hilarious. I think I'll take a lesson from this and not steal my kids food when he naps anymore just in case!

Laraf123 said...

What? McDonalds only sells 3 nuggets in a happy meal now? That's crazy--hug ripoff. Recently I've been buying the ten piece nugget meal and we all share OR I buy the big kids meal 6 pieces and the boys share. They do not know/care about the toys yet. I'm so disappointed in that multinational iconic corportation!

Serifm said...

See? She's beautiful AND brainy. And taking no crap, apparently. (Side note: THREE nuggets?!?! They have to be joking.)

MommieV said...

Yes, at our McDonalds, there are only 3 nuggets and a mini-fry in a child's happy meal. There is a list of FAQ's on the wall in the drive-thru that I sit and read while waiting for my change (having a McD on the corner of my college's campus is a bad thing, yes?) that has answers for some very inane questions about the happy meal changes.

FruitFish said...

When I read that she went to where the chicken nugget was and then pointed, you had me laughing. And then I thought about how my doggie (since I have no children yet, she's what I have to refer to ;) ) will be eating her bully stick, and I'll make her go outside to go the bathroom. If it's bedtime (yes she has one, and she's usually the one who enforces it) then I'll take her treat and put it back in the jar. She'll come back in and go right to where she left it and then stare at me, like I knew you were going to trick me!

MommieV said...

FF how are you! Yes, my doggie used to do the same thing, now that I remember that. The dog would always have a plaintive look, the girl had a plaintive voice.