Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking to Grandpa's: Winter Weather Advisory Edition

She wouldn't nap.  Then she did, and slept until 5:15 pm.  While I was readying supper she pulled on doors (both front and back) making her "Nee?  Boppa?" chant.  She would have none of my "honey, it's snowing and cold outside" explanation.  And I knew she woudln't eat the soup I was fixing if she was mad that we weren't going to see Nee and Boppa.

On the way home this sidewalk and street were decidedly more covered in white.

So ... we did.  Bundled against the soft, wet flakes that were falling, we walked to Nan and Grandpa's house.  Had some supper, read Dora books, and even attempted to help decorate the tree.

Her contributions are centered in one particular easy-to-reach area. 
Then all bundled again to get home through more wet, cold flakes  (too dark for photos).  Warm bath, milk and oatmeal, and finally sleep.

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hopefulcc said...

Definitely a memory making moment :) C will forever consider herself lucky she grew up down the street from her grandparents.

And I love her decorating skills!!