Friday, July 2, 2010

The Baby Book

Within the past year there seems to be an explosion of Baby Books that are formatted for the single parent.  (Um, okay, I found two.) Hooray!  If you need a single parent baby book, look here, here, or here.

Because a year ago, I couldn't find one.  Anywhere. 

I bought one that I liked because of the colors.  My mom bought one that went with the book "On The Night You Were Born".  I have saved lots of stuff to put in them, and in my head I have the index of all the photos I need to print out.

I just never got around to doing it.

The Guilt.

A week before her first birthday I just took the pressure off myself and said "I'll do it this summer".

I finally sat down to work on it.  And then I realized the reason for the procrastination.  On every page is a reference to "Daddy".   'When we first learned you were coming, mommy _____ and daddy _____. "  You have mommy's ______ and daddy's _______.'  It's an adorable little book, but I think I might have to re-gift it to any of the many new babies in my life that have both a mommy and a daddy, and start from scratch on ours.

The good thing is, I know the kinds of things I want to put in her baby book.  So I think I'm just going to buy a scrapbook and make one up myself.  That way there isn't a page with the dates of her first teeth, since I didn't write that down and don't seem to remember!


Funky Mama Bird said...

Instead of a baby book, I made a shadow box and filled it with his hat, footprints, the hosptial card, first photo etc. We hung it on the wall.
For his first year, I had Shutterfly make a printed book of photos, pricy but came out really well and you can add text.

Laraf123 said...

There are lots of creative things you can do. I did the shadowbox thing and the first/second years calendar. I still write anecdotes on his special calendar for my 3 year old to read when he's older. But boy do I have a pile of photos and scrapbook stuff just waiting for me to tackle it. With each day I get further and further behind!

Billy said...

Because of the daddy issue (and also because I like the idea of doing my own) I also want to do a scrapbook as her baby-book. And I really should start on it!