Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm A Big Kid Now

So this week, my mom and I taught Vacation Bible School at the church where I grew up.  We taught the youngest class, Nursery 1 - children entering the 3-year-old class in preschool this fall.  The Wee One went with us, and did her level best to keep up with children two years older than her.

She wanted to sit at the table with them while they had their snack.  She wanted to play with them during free play.  Mom was putting down carpet squares for the 3's to sit on for story time, and Wee One just crawled right over and plopped down on one.  She followed them wherever she could.

The theme was Camp Faith - learning to care for God's creation.  Monday was the first part of the creation story.  The snack was "dirt cake" - and she loved it.

We made a mural that shows God's creation:

It takes alot of energy to keep up with the big kids - as soon as we got in the car she fell asleep and napped well all week!

She thinks she's a big kid now!

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FruitFish said...

Awww, already wanting to be older than she is ;) It's really cool how she'd follow along though.
Heck I was always tired after teaching VBS ;) I don't blame her for crashing :)