Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July

Christmas Eve 2009 was a special night for me.  It was my daughter's first Christmas. It was my first house, so my first Christmas as a homeowner. 

As I sat looking at the Christmas tree after she had gone to bed and all the last minute preparations were done, I wished again that I had started a blog when I was pregnant.  I wanted to write a post that would be a letter to her about her first Christmas.  I wanted to tell everyone what cool presents I had gotten for my mom and dad.  I wanted to show the photos of the table that I had decorated.

I did finally start a blog.  So ... a memory post.

A live Christmas tree (that my dad went 3 different places with me to help find.  We ended up going back to the first place we'd looked to get it.  My daddy loves me!)

Christmas cards and our countdown board.

And now for the surprises ... Wee One and I had a secret photo session with our favorite photographer.  We had a beautiful 8x10 made and put into a frame for Nan and Grandpa, along with two smaller ones for desks.  While playing in PhotoShop, the photographer thought it would be fun to put Wee One "in" a stocking, and she made me a print.  I hung it on the fridge and waited to see who would notice.

One of Grandpa's gifts was a coffee mug with his girl's photo on both sides.  I just served him his coffee in the cup - he noticed right away!!!

The table was set and decorated with colors of Winter, blue and white and silver.

With crystal ready for juice in the morning ...

And a casserole in the crockpot simmering for breakfast.

Santa Claus came and brought toys (and a Colts sleeper)...

That were a huge hit (ok, she did smile at some point) the next morning.

The Aftermath:

Oh, I can't wait for Christmas this year!!!

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Funky Mama Bird said...

The picture of her "in" a stocking is just too awesome. I love it!