Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Giveaway!

At times in my life I have dabbled in crystals and stones.  When I was little I loved rocks, and that has stayed with me as an adult.  I also think I like the simplistic view that if something is wrong with your life, you can carry a stone in your pocket, or wear a certain gemstone in your jewelry, and that will help you better communicate, be more confident, protect you from others bad feelings, or help you to focus.  I have a friend who thinks that wearing an amethyst helps you to not be hungover when you drink too much.  It's a nice idea.

So when I wanted to get pregnant, I sought the help of crystals and stones.  I made myself an amulet bracelet with carnelian beads (to activate the navel chakra and the reproductive organs), moonstone and bloodstone beads (to help regulate the menstrual cycle), garnet (my birthstone and a grounding gemstone) and some silver charms that were various fertility symbols.  I wore it quite a bit, even once to a meeting at work where I was asked what the charms were by my boss (embarrassing).

In researching what stones and crystals would help increase fertility, I came across several mentions of the shiva lingam stone.  This stone comes from a certain river bed in India.  They are supposed to be very powerful inducers of fertility.  So I ordered 3.  (I was serious about this!)

Something must have worked, because I now have a Wee One!  So I thought I would pass along my fertility stones to some other mama-to-be who might be Trying.

They are really beauiful stones.  They are not very large.  I believe I ordered them from the site linked above (but that was a while ago, so no guarantees).  They are polished smooth (so they work great as a worry rock in your pocket.)  There are three stones and a small brown velvety pouch to carry them in.

To enter the giveaway ... leave a comment and tell us a little about yourself, and your story of Trying if you'd like to share.  Make sure you leave an email or website or some way for me to contact you.

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Winner will be chosen by random drawing by a one-year-old (guess who) next Friday sometime after 5:00 PM.  I'll post the winner and contact them by email.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Brittney. My hubbie and I have been TTC for a while now. I have read that if he puts one of these stones in his pocket it helps his fertility. I'm into anything superstitious - anything that might help!

I will send you an email with my email address. I prefer to post somewhat anonymously .... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Enter me! We have been trying for a while now. Thanks for this giveaway!

hhunterray744 at yahoo