Thursday, July 8, 2010

My First Babies

This is Darby Jo.

This is Darwin Kat

My precious babies.

Both have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge - Darwin while I was 5 months pregnant, and Darby 9 weeks after the Wee One came.  One was unexpected, the other I knew was coming.  Neither was easy.  Both are so very very very missed.  (I can't even write my tribute to Darby yet, and it's been over a year.)

I miss having an animal in my house.

I'm thinking about getting a cat.

Darwin was a Snow Bengal.  If you read everything you read on the internet, then Snow Bengals are a domesticated form of Snow Leopards and are three generations removed from their wild predecessors.

He was an awesome cat.   He was beautiful with big blue eyes.  He was the most social cat I've ever met.

I jokingly told a friend once "I asked God for a man that would sleep cuddled up to me every night, that would come greet me at the door when I came home at the end of the day, who would want to eat meals with me every night, and would shower me with undying affection.  I got him - he's a cat.  I guess I should have been more specific about the species."

It was true.  He would run down the hall when he heard me come through the door.  He loved the weekends when I'd spend all day on the couch, so he could burrow into a ball on the blanket on my lap.  He played with Darby until she grew a little too old and sick and weary of it.

I put off thinking about getting a cat until "the summer", when I could be home to get him/her acclimated and litter trained and adjusted.  I have three weeks left, and I think I'll be putting it off some more, because while I have found photos of some adorable kittens that I could give my heart to in an instant, I'm not quite sure that I'm truly ready for a new relationship.

I'll take any advice that anyone has for bringing a new kitten home to a 15-month old.  ("Don't" is coming, I can tell!)

Maybe we should just get a hamster.


Serifm said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. We have two boy cats that we love desperately. Very clever, affectionate little schemers. If you do get a cat, may I suggest a rescue? The Shamrock Foundation, Humane Society and Animal Care Society all have charming, litter-trained cats (some just a few months old) that have already been graded for their behavior around children. is another great source, because you can search for the qualities you want.

Funky Mama Bird said...

I love my first babies so much, too. My little Black Oriental is curled up next to me right now. Maybe you can get an older kitten, or a year old cat that won't be so jumpy and wild? Of course I have 7 year old cats that like to taunt Gunne Bear and then leap onto a counter just out of reach, tempting tails dangling inches from his hands.

I would also recommend teaching her "gentle touch" this took a loooong time, but he's finally got it down and the cats don't spit and hit him anymore.

MommieV said...

Sara - I will almost certainly adopt from a shelter or rescue. Darwin came from Friends of the Shelter up where I used to live. I was lucky - I only paid the $75 adoption fee instead of the hundreds or thousands some people pay for his breed. He seemed to have had a rough life before he came to live with me, so I was glad that I got his 9th life.

I have a neighbor that works with Animal Protection Agency over here. I am thinking of talking to her when I am ready.

Betsy - I love your line about tempting tails ... I can just see it!

FruitFish said...

I'm sorry for your losses :( I'm allergic to cats so never had one. We finally got a family dog when I was in college. She got a liver disease and died the day after she turned 6 years old. I got my own doggie about 7 months after she passed and she is the greatest fur baby I could ask for. Just thinking about her not being around makes my eyes well with tears.
We did have fish and tiny turtles when we were growing up :)
A Snow Bengal sounds so cool though. Darwin truly seemed to be a one of a kind cat. And Darby was a beautiful doggie! I hope that the next addition to your family brings both you and little one years of love and fun!