Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Things

Our first trip to the local children's hospital came this evening.  Bad straining for a poo followed by an "it hurts" cry and blood in the diaper.  I didn't freak, but was worried.  The intern (who truly did look like he was 12, so of course I called him Doogie behind his back) was great.  The resident, not so much.  He let her fall over and hit her head on the wall and then acted like she had cooties when he picked her up to say "are you ok?" and then hand her back to me.  He thinks it was just the vegetable soup she had for lunch today.  I think it was a little more than that, but unless it happens again, I won't worry (fingers crossed).

Along with that, we have a horrible case of the diaper rash.  A miscommunication between me and mom, and she stayed in a diaper a little too long today.  (Don't worry, I didn't yell.  I actually thought it was kinda funny.)  So she's in a sposie tonight, slathered with white cream.  And I remember that I was going to do a CD 101 post about options for using diaper cream and cloth diapers without making them repel.

Speaking of repelling ...  (honeys, my mind is going in 50 gazillion directions at once this week, so this is my normal thought-leading-to-thought process right now.  Just go along for the ride.)  Anyway ... I think all my diapers are repelling.  Well, not all, just ... alot of them .  I think there are several that are, and it's worse in the Knickernappies, since they don't have the leg gussets.  So those are repelling and leaking.  The culprit, I believe, is the wipes solution with Tea Tree Oil that I have been using.  I put the wipes and the dirty diapers in the wet bag together, and they all get washed together.  After I use the wipe solution on her, I put on a new diaper.  So the wipes solution is definitely getting all over the diapers.  I'm guessing that's what's affecting our absorbency.  So there is a load of diapers in the washer right now where I put Dawn on all the fleece insides of the pockets, and a big scoop of Tide.  They will need to be rinsed to high heaven in order to not give her a rash (besides the one she already has).  I'll finish dealing with it tomorrow.

Is it possible to get post-partum emotional disturbances 16 months after you deliver?  I have felt more anxious and irritable and ... anxious this week than I have in a really long time.  We're actually sleeping really well these days, so it's not lack of sleep.  I know I go back to work next week, she goes back to her regular daycare schedule, and I just moved my office and am finishing up my online classes (and the hate mail I keep getting from students) so I know that's all part of it.  But normally I can cope decently well.  This week?  I feel like shutting down and all I can do is drink caffeine-free Coke classic like a demented addict.

But tomorrow I get to go see our Miss Lori and view the proofs from her 15-month session as well as the Bare Feet and Blue Jeans session, and see a whole lot more of ones like these ....

And if that can't cure it, nothing can!


Laraf123 said...

Single mommyhood plays havoc with my emotions. I can be fine for months and then anxious, weeping and overwhelmed for weeks. It is so hard to be everything to everyone--knowing your dreams came true after decades of despair and yet getting caught up in the day to day (seemingly impossible) challenges of solo parenting. I'm rambling, I know...Sorry!

Funky Mama Bird said...

I love those photos!

I've found that our hemp/bamboo inserts don't repel if I use cream, but our overnight inserts do. Great; he often needs the cream at night of course. I've also found that the Tide Free and Sensitive washes it out without irritating him.

Serifm said...

My dear friend Jeanette informs me that the havoc pregnancy plays on your emotions (I, the super-logical non-weeper, cried like a baby after my first Prepared Childbirth class because I was terrified) does not stop at pregnancy. She claims that she's been a wreck since her four year old was born. So....great. ;-) Sounds like it's normal.