Friday, July 9, 2010


In the shower today I composed a great blog post.  It had a witty title.  It was well constructed, with a hook, and a climax, and a quaint little resolution that made you glad to came by to read it.  It was a wonderful little piece of writing.

Too bad I didn't remember any of it once I had dried off.

Well,I remember some of it.  It had to do with being sick during pregnancy.  I didn't just have morning sickness, I had ALL DAY sickness.  And not just during the first trimester, either.  The nurses I worked with said that's normal if you're having a girl.  Great, thanks.

I remember a great line that went something like "you know you're really nauseated when you still feel like throwing up in your sleep."

Ok, ok, something to do with feeling sick.

And .... I've got nothing.  I have no idea what went before, or what went after.  All I can remember is Sick.  Sick.  Sick.

I'll try harder when I shower tomorrow.


Funky Mama Bird said...

I had a boy and had all day sickness until about 22 weeks. Man it was awful. I just came from dinner with three pregnant women, and was starting to get all wistful about it. Thankfully, I now remember The Sick and can go back to postponing number 2!

Serifm said...

I also had all-day sickness with a boy. I swear they tell you anything to keep you calm.

Laraf123 said...

Morning sick all day with my second boy. Ginger tea was the only thing that helped. Now I tell all my pregnant friends about it. As far as composing blog posts in your head and then forgetting them--it happens to me all the time. Had a great one last night at 4 am while comforting my crying toddler--but it's gone now.

FruitFish said...

I understand the forgetting of how the post was supposed to go. Sometimes I start writing one and will come back to it later and forget where I was even going with it and have to delete it :(
For now I can't wait to get to the morning sickness stage. That will mean I've become as ready as one can before ttc and then have successfully become pregnant. I'm sure while actually in the pregnancy trenches I'll be thinking, "this is what I was looking forward to?" :)