Sunday, July 25, 2010

To all my bloggy friends ...

I'm sorry I've been so quiet.  Not on here, of course.  I had some ideas for some posts, so one night I stayed up and late and wrote, and added pictures, and then scheduled them all.  So I've had the post-a-day thing still going, even though I haven't personally been on the internet since last Thursday.

I heart Blogger.

What I haven't been doing is visiting all my bloggy friends' blogs and commenting.  Or replying to witty Twitter updates.  Or in general doing all the things a good bloggy friend does in the interworld.

I still heart you.  Honest.  I'm still hoping Hopeful finds her way with her TTC questions.  Moving before you C is definitely the best idea.  How is FruitFish anyway?  I hope that Funky Mama Bird had a great vacation with her little one.  I know she has a post up about it.  I've got to get by to see how it went.  I'm probably having lunch with Serifm tomorrow so we can be friends IRL too.  I'm hoping that Billy is doing well with her new babe, and that Lara's boys are doing well (you know she has a new site, right?).  I wonder what's up with Mama Time Bomb and Drew.

Oh, great. I know I just forgot someone.  I knew I shouldn't do a post like this.

I've just been ... busy.  I had a whole list of honey-dos for the summer.  Only no honey, so it all gets left to me.  Suddenly, I have a week left of my summer vacation, and a thousand things too do.  I got a little overwhelmed.  So I tried to prioritize and get a few things done. 

I have a new vanity cabinet in my master bathroom.  One thing off the (mighty long) list.

I have one week left.  To get my work clothes back out and washed and hung in the closet so I look somewhat professional.  To get the house somewhat cleaned for the stress of the first week back.  To make sure that the Wee One has enough clothes washed for her first week back at daycare.  To try to limp through two more weeks of the refrigerator from he-- until the floor can be done.  To try to finish my online class stuff - and write the final - so I can get ready to write syllabi and lab policies for my fall classes that will start two weeks later.

Aaack.  That's not helping.

So I'll just say that I still love all of you, and I'll get back around soon to all your sites to comment and read and catch up.

And I'll leave you with a cute photo of my little girl ...



Funky Mama Bird said...

Well, I'm glad your absence has been to business and nothing bad! See you on the other side when you get caught up!

Serifm said...

And see you tomorrow. :-)

Mom said...

All is good! It will get done just fine. Have a good lunch and try the ice cream!

Laraf123 said...

Same here, long honey-do list but no honey to do it. A few more weeks for me before school starts but that panic that I won't accomplish all my summer goals is already here. I hope you find some fun and relaxation this last week of your vacation. You deserve it!

hopefulcc said...

Love this post!
I've been MIA myself. My life is all about boxes, packing, and work... 3 more days until the big move. And then I'll be back to keeping up to date on all my bloggy friends too!