Friday, April 16, 2010


So after my last post about how neurotic I am about paper organizers, I'm looking at my electronic options.

Type A Mom has a list of top mom PDAs. The top one on the list is the Palm TX, which looks promising.

I have T-Mobile. I renewed for two years when I got my fantastically awesome music phone, the Motorola ROKR, before the Wee One was born, and since she's only a year old, that means I'm with T-Mobile for another year. Their best smartphone is the Sidekick, and I think I'm just a little too ... well, OLD ... for that.

I like Betsy's idea of an unlocked Crackberry. Especially since I'm looking for something that can mainly track dates and to-dos. T-Mo carries the Google phone. I just wasn't ready to get a new phone yet. I spent $200 on mine and made a deal with myself that I'd use it until the two years was up.

A Blackberry Pearl looks nice. A pretty blue one. Oooooh.

There's just something nice about flipping pages in a planner, tho, to help you watch the passage of time.

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