Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wee One Goes To College

I have to put up another post, because I think the serial killer title of my previous post wasn't bringing the kind of audience to my blog that I was looking for :)

I had some child care issues this morning, so Wee One came to work with me for the morning. The last time I had to take her to a lecture she did ok, so I wasn't worried. The last time I wore her in a wrap-style carrier for most of the class, so she just hung out and snuggled with me while I talked and lectured.

This time, tho, she's bigger. She's ONE, yo. She's talking and doing stuff.

Like, not hanging out and snuggling her mommy in the wrap like before.

I tried to write on the board, and she took the marker. I gave her a different marker, which she threw on the floor and then tried to take my marker again. She saw me press on the screen of the Smart Board to advance the powerpoint slide, so every time I got close to the screen to point out something or to write on the screen, she hit the board to try to make the slide change. Once, it did, which is all the reinforcement she needed.

Then she started talking. Talking while I was talking. Talking when I wasn't talking. Talking louder than I was talking. Jabbering. Then "bye". She's had enough. We're 20 minutes into lecture, and she's dismissing everyone.

I put her on the floor and she crawled under the table to play with someone's feet. I'm going to have to give people "A"s now for having their toes accosted by my daughter.

I don't think anything I said about the endocrine system made an impact at all. I'm going to have to repeat the whole lecture on Thursday, I'm guessing. Oh well, at least they all know what a cute baby I have!

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Funky Mama Bird said...

admittedly, this is why I'm glad I work from home! Although I once had an editor trying frantically to reach me, and we were down the street at the park. Oops. =)