Thursday, April 1, 2010

Party Preparation

The invitations have been sent:

Moments Photography in Charlestown, Indiana (otherwise known as Our Personal Photographer) took the photos and designed the invitations. (I applied the Post-It Notes so crazyinternetpeople won't show up at my house or call me and scream that I'm a crazymama or whatever).

The decorations have been purchased:
Hanging cut-out thingies
Flag banner thingies
High-chair decorating kit thingy


The cake has been ordered - a monkey hanging from a tree with a hippo and a giraffe and OHMYGODIDONTKNOWHOWTOWAITIMSOEXCITED

The desk in the living room has been cleared off for gifts, and ...


OMG, gifts?

I haven't bought her a gift.

I haven't bought my daughter anything for her first birthday.


I mean, I could totally go grab something out of her room and wrap it up and she wouldn't notice. She's going to be ONE you know. But still. All the party planning and I forgot to buy her a birthday present.

At least it will give her something to use in a fight when she's a teenager. "I hate you, and you didn't even buy me a present for my first birthday!"




Funky Mama Bird said...

Cute theme! I say give her a cupcake as a gift and call it a day. That way she'll get the pleasure of opening and then the pleasure of eating.

MommieV said...

We are expecting quite a crowd, so I suspect she will have plenty of gifts. I doubt that not having one from mommy won't be noticed in the celebration. I hope.