Sunday, April 25, 2010

We have to work on the modeling skills

Its no secret that we love Babylegs. And other people love them too. Everyone at daycare stops me to tell me that they love her "little leggings". The ladies at the studio where my mom works think they're adorable.

I have found myself picking outfits that match the ones we have so she can wear them. One reason is that they protect her little knees, which sometimes have bruises from crawling. The other reason is they are just too adorable.

I have only paid full price for one pair so far. If you want to get your hands on some inexpensive Babylegs, I recommend you do the following:
1. Become their fan on Facebook. Every Friday they have a sale just for Facebook fans - I've seen it on Twitter too, but not every Friday. The code is always FANtastic, but to get to the collection that is on sale, you have to follow the link. And its a nice reminder when it pops up as their status periodically on Fridays. We are in desperate need of socks around here, and last Friday they had socks BOGO free with the code. Yay!
2. Join the forum at Most days they have a free giveaway thread. Not too long after I joined I won a pair, so it's for real. I just don't have time to post everyday.
3. Pay attention to They run periodic sales on Babylegs. On Earth Day they were selling a package of 5 pairs of clearance colors at a significant discount.
4. Of course there is a SALE section on the Babylegs website. They have free shipping, which is awesome.

To be honest, you can't get much better deals than the ones Babylegs themselves offer. If you look on FSOT, most mamas are selling the same pairs that the website has for $7, but they have them listed for the original price of $12. Amazon and other sites haven't marked down the sale items yet, so the same is true.

Why invest in Babylegs versus other brands? I haven't tried Huggalugs, so I can't speak for those. I did cheap out and buy the ones at Target. That was actually my introduction to "babylegs". I'm glad I have them, because they are pairs that I can use. However, the quality isn't nearly as good, and they are much shorter than the real Babylegs.

In addition to the length issue, my Circo/Target baby legwarmers are much thinner fabric, and have already gotten pilly and kindof faded. It's a cheap way to add to your stash, and the shorter size might be better on a newborn, but they don't work well on older babies.

And finally, I wanted to end this rave with photos of Wee One in a cute summer outfit with her Babylegs.

I tried to get a cute photo of her face.

I tried to get a cute photo of her sitting still.

Caitlin, look at Mommie!

No, don't crawl on Mommie:

Finally this was the best I could do.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.


Funky Mama Bird said...

Thanks for that info! Now that Gunnar is crawling, I've been sticking him in shorts and baby legs around the house and then taking them off when we head outdoors. We have two pairs of the My First Baby Legs which he is rapidly outgrowing. I'm going to go become a facebook fan right now!

MommieV said...

Lots of mamas have requested Gender Neutral or Boyish prints, so they try to make sure to include some of each on the sale pages.