Friday, March 12, 2010


I think daycare has thrown away one of our cloth diapers. And not just any cloth diaper.

Our cow print diaper.

When I first interviewed her daycare, one of the first questions I asked was whether or not they were willing to use cloth diapers. Their answer was yes, but it needed to be a "one piece" diaper, because they would continue to follow their normal diaper changing procedure.

I normally use prefolds and covers, so this gave me an excuse, er, reason to shop for pocket diapers. In the process of accruing pocket diapers for daycare, I stumbled across a sale on Swaddlebees pockets with organic velour lining, and I bought four. One of which ... was a cow print.

OMG, what a cute diaper. I was a little annoyed that thread started coming out around the elastic at the back after only the first wear. But it was a "second" quality diaper, you know.

That was the diaper that I chose for her to wear on her first morning of daycare.

One evening about two weeks ago, I noticed there were not as many diapers in the wet bag as usual when I cleaned it out. I thought it was strange, but I had told her caregiver to feel free to put disposables/diaper cream on her because she had been having the poo/rash issues. Her sheet was marked that she'd had two bowel movement diapers that day, but none of the diapers in the wet bag had poo, so I assumed those diaper changes were disposables.

As part of the Great Diaper Laundering of 2010 with the new THiRSTiES detergent, I noticed that I couldn't find the cow print diaper. As of last night, every one of our diapers was clean, and no cow print diaper to be found.

So this evening I mentioned to the caregiver at daycare that it was missing, and she said she hoped that it hadn't gotten thrown away. I got the impression, tho, that's what she thought might have happened.

In reality, if we were going to lose a diaper that way, that's one of the cheapest diapers in our stash, it was a second, it had the unraveling thread issue ...

But still. It was the cow print diaper.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that really sucks. That diaper is really cute. Hope you find it, and that its just lost and not really thrown out. And your little girl is just adorable.

Katie said...

Your baby is super cute! I would have been very sad to see the cow diaper go =(
I read some of your previous posts and I can relate to the teaching/student stories...I'm a professor as well! We could probably swap stories all day =)
Stopping by from SITS to say hi,

MommieV said...

Hi Katie, we should swap stories sometime. I have some doozies!!!

Anon - thanks for the positive thoughts. I'll keep looking, but its not looking terribly hopeful ....

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JAMIE said...

Ohhhh man, that sucks! I'm sorry that happened.