Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daycare Strikes Again! (Updated)

First of all, let me say that I know I'm very lucky to have a daycare that is willing to do cloth diapers. Most daycares give some reason why they can't or won't do it. "Will you use cloth diapers" was one of the first questions I asked, and "we can accommodate that" was the answer. They did request that I send "one piece" diapers so they could use their normal diapering procedure with minimal deviation. Luckily my favorite diaper company was coming out with a new pocket diaper, so I was overjoyed at "having" to do some diaper shopping.

I have read a number of mamas on diaperswappers forums say their daycare will not use cloth. So I am very grateful that mine is willing to do so. However ... we are starting to have some issues.

The first issue was the missing cow print diaper. Which I think might have gotten thrown away.

But today ...

A few weeks ago we were struggling with a diaper rash. I took diaper cream and biodegradable liners, and put the liners in the diapers so they wouldn't have to, and told the caregiver about not getting diaper cream on the diapers. They came back to me that evening with some diaper cream around the leg gussets, where the liners didn't cover. I hand washed with Dawn and got it out, but I was scared the whole time that they were ruined. After that, when using diaper cream, I just asked them to use sposies.

The Thirsties detergent came in, and after washing (and washing and washing) the rash wasn't an issue anymore.

Meanwhile, a new caregiver in wee one's room doesn't know about the no-diaper-cream issue. There is diaper cream in her basket, it should be used if her bottom gets red, no?

On the way home in the car, while stuck at a traffic light, I read her summary sheet of her day. In the diaper section, I read where her bottom was red, and they used diaper cream. My heart sank.

After putting her to bed, I pulled the diapers out of the wet bag, and this is what I found. The one on the left is much worse. That's organic velour, too. Ugh.

I covered them in Dawn dishwashing detergent,

and hand scrubbed. Then added some warm water and hand scrubbed some more. Then filled the sink with soapy water and let them soak.

I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

So I totally forgot to update the post. The Butt Paste all came out, the diapers are fine, and are back in the rotation. I left them to soak overnight, and more had come out of the organic velour than the fleece. I put the OV one in a load of her clothes with Tide, and it looked like it was all out after that. To be sure I washed in a load of diapers. I tested for repelling by dripping water and looking for beading or absorption, and I thought they were absorbing. I then put the diaper on her one day when I was home and no leaks.

The fleece diaper needed another round with Dawn before it would pass the water-beading test. I washed it with a load of diapers before a test run also.

Gotta love Dawn.

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