Friday, March 19, 2010

I Shave My Feet

Oh, sorry, I thought I was in Her Bad Mother's Basement. Oh well, now that I've started ...

I have elevated testosterone. My ovaries are "normal". I did get pregnant, after all. I menstruated somewhat regularly before getting pregnant and then semi-permanently attaching a nursling to my breast.

One of the side effects of "elevated" testosterone, is that I grow hair in places that most females do not. I take care of it when I think someone will see it. Which isn't lately. By my choice.


In wierd places.

Like on my feet.

So I do what most people do when they have a certain quantity of hair they want removed and they don't want the pain of waxing or tweezing ... I shave my feet.

It bothers me alot less than it used to.

Then the other day in the glaring fluorescent light of a campus restroom, while washing my hands I notice this ...

OMG. I'm growing a freaking pelt on my upper lip.

It seems to have appeared almost overnight. Further proof that my hormones are just completely whacked out right now.

I'm not shaving my face. Will have to find another solution, because that's where I draw the line.

Thankfully this one is too little for growing pelts on the upper lip. I hope technology catches up before she hits her 30s. The booger was wiped not too long after the photo was taken. Just to let you know.

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