Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funny Schtuff Baby

You want funny? Go here and read this.

I about peed myself when I read it. Then I commented.

So last night, I was directing my mom to another blogger's page to watch a cute video. I couldn't remember the blog, but I got there from the comments of that post. So I took her through that post to get to the comments to get to the blog with the cute cat video. (And the green grass grew all around all around ... )

She started reading. She started laughing. She laughed harder. Then she stopped. "Screechy-Mc-Asshole"?. Me: "Yea, isn't that hysterical?" while thinking "then PLEASE don't read my comment".

She scrolls down. She reads my comment. She says "You called C a Screechy-Mc-Asshole?"

Me: "Yea, it's better than what I actually called her in the middle of the night."

Note to self: My mom doesn't get mommy blog humor.

LoonyJen, she did think the kitten video was adorable.