Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Won!

I checked my Google mail yesterday. It's a fairly new email, basically started to start this blog with a version of the "Mommy V" that I've been using. So I don't check it every day. But I entered a CONTEST, yo. No email about winning. Bummer, I was really wanting to try the THIRSTIES prewash and superwash, and would really have liked to win.

Tonight I'm sitting waiting for laundry. I'm terribly exhausted and will be going to bed very shortly, probably by 8:30 if all goes well in my little world for the next 20 minutes. I checked Facebook, and then decided to check that Gmail again.

Where I find this ....

Hi V~

I am emailing to let you know the original winner of the THiRSTiES pre and super wash did not respond to my email within the 24 hour period. We did a re-draw and my son pulled your comment number 82!

Please reply with your mailing information. I will forward it to the THiRSTiES Company and they will mail you the Pre-wash and Super-wash directly.

Thanks for entering!
of http://mylilcupcakes.blogspot.com


So now I totally have to follow her blog because we're like kin or something, right?

I sent her a big thank you email. I am really glad for this, because wee one has more butt cream slathered on her little ... well, you know ... because she is rashy. I think blaming her "big poo"s is getting old, but I have no energy left to try to identify whats causing it. The pockets don't seem to be hurting, the prefolds seem to be the issue. I don't want to not use my (expensive) GMD reds... Again, no energy to try to figure it out.

But now I can wash everything in the Thirsties and see if that makes a difference. Yay!

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