Monday, March 1, 2010

This Scares Me

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd if you ever wondered why Wee One remains nameless here in Blogville, this is why ...

And the flip side of anonymity

As mommies, we fight the darkness. We fight fear and anger and depression. Some of us fight all of them at the same time. Some of us fight them every single day. What helps us fight is reading what other mommies write. About their struggles and their victories. About the mundane and trivial, since that is what all our lives have become.

I started reading mommy blogs a few weeks after getting my head (sortof) around the idea that I was joining the ranks. And what I read moved me to tears and made me laugh so hard I peed. But it comforted my scared, worried, wondering heart. Some of those mommies I still read to this very day. Some of those mommies still comfort my scared, worried, wondering heart.

Would I have been so comforted if those mommies couldn't be real, honest, open?

It is frightening to think about this world in which we live. I lock the doors at night and post pictures of her on the internet - and its likely I should do the reverse.

I'm still getting my head around deciding to start a blog. Noone reads it just yet (Mom got bored and left). I'm hoping one day someone is moved to tears, or laughs until they pee a little. I hope it helps someone feel good about being a mother, like all the other mommies I read.

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