Friday, March 26, 2010

Daycare is a Petri Dish

So is College.

I think I'm getting strep throat. I hate to put that out there. I'm fighting it pretty well so far. I don't know if it was from MY school or HER school - several of my students were out this week with it, so it could have been from my daily environment. OR, there was a sign on the door to the preschool room across the hall from Wee One's room at daycare, one child with strep throat, so it could have come from there.

I am praying that she stays well and healthy to enjoy her party next weekend. I am also praying that I stay well and healthy enough to enjoy it too!

My inadvertent sleep training seems to be working *crosses fingers* *and toes* *wonders what else can be crossed* :)

Three nights ago, she was having ALOT of trouble sleeping. I finally gave up trying to get her back to sleep in the middle of the night, and I just rolled over and let her cry herself to sleep in the middle of my bed. And she did.

Two nights ago, she again was having trouble going to sleep. She was tired and sleepy, but didn't want to go to sleep. We had done the pull-out-all-the-stops bedtime routine. LONG bath with toys and playing and the lavendar bath soap, massage with the lavendar baby lotion. We read books, talked about our day, said our prayers, listened to classical music while we rocked and nursed for over half an hour. I put her in the sling and bounced around the house, and THEN walked around the block with her. Nothing. So I gave up and went to bed with her. THAT wasn't even helping. So I turned on her bear with the heart sounds, rolled over and went to sleep. So did she. After a little crying.

Last night I was exhausted. Emotionally and mentally drained. I made it through my week of standing on my feet teaching 8-5, and fighting whatever microorganisms think its cool to live in my respiratory tract, and I was done. I didn't even give her a bath, I didn't give her a massage, I didn't read the special goodnight book. My bedtime prayer was "thank you for my angel and please heal my infection. Amen". I nursed her, but not to sleep. She cried, and we both went to sleep.

I had given up on trying to work on the sleeping thing. There's too much going on right now. She's turning one, she's probably about to hit a growth spurt, she's learning to walk and say words, she is nursing less, and we were back to our daily grind after spending a week off together, so I figured it was pointless.

Then she starts sleeping well. Last night I didn't nurse her when she'd wake up, until her 3am wakeup when she really seemed to want to. Tonight I haven't nursed her yet at all.

She wakes up frequently still. She gets mad that she's awake and she makes loud cries that wake her up. If I can help her learn how to deal with waking up and going back to sleep she'll be in great shape. I think thats why the bear helps. When she wakes up I turn the bear back on. When she woke up this last time she didn't wake up all the way. She grabbed my finger and then rubbed my face and then pulled my hair. Just checking to make sure I was still there. I laid close to her and she went back to sleep.

Then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and put a load of laundry in and washed the dishes in the sink, updated my bracket with the games I didn't watch (I picked the wrong upsets, I can tell you that). And now I'm blogging. At 3 am.

With a sore throat. And a sleeping baby.


Oh, you want photos? Well, duh, I read all your drivel about sleeping and laundry and dishes, you might as well show me the cute girl, you say.

How's that?


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