Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This totally made my day ...

I am a bit pen ... obsessed. I didn't used to be this pen obsessed. In college, I would write with whatever pens I had available. I did try to switch between blue and black from class to class, so I could see in my notes which were from one day and which were from the next. But I wasn't anal about it or anything.

Until I got to grad school, and met a wonderful lady who introduced me to the beautiful luxury of crossing off your to-do list in an organized Franklin Planner with a silky black line from a uni-ball rollerball pen.

Some serious dopamine must have been released in my brain, because at that moment I swore off the use of ballpoint pens forever.

I have become so entrenched in my use of rollerball pens, that I carry them with me. If I need to use a pen, I will pull out *my* pen. I HATE to complete forms, especially forms with tiny little spaces, with a ballpoint pen. I much prefer the fine writing of a good rollerball tip. There is no way to decribe how freaked out I got the day we closed on my house, and I pulled out my rollerball pen to be told "no, dear, we have to sign these forms in blue ink. Here, use one of our pens." I almost died on the spot. I did it - that's how much I wanted the house. But I glared at my mother, who knew about the blue pen issue and didn't warn me.

Apparently, pen obsession is genetic. It runs in my family, down the side of the women (I'm so sorry, wee one. Pick your poison now, and mommy will stock up for kindergarten). If you open the drawers on my mothers desk, you will find so many pens that she has rubber banded large groups of them to hide in the bottom drawer.

A cousin was helping Mom get organized, and commented on finding pens everywhere in the house. Then admitted that she's a pen addict. She even steals them.

We will discuss Post-It Notes at another time. That addiction is apparently genetic as well.

This is a rollerball pen that FEELS like a retractable ballpoint pen. It's a Pilot Precise, which is one of my fave pens in the whole wide world. It is very lightweight (in fact, I'm not sure I really like that part of it, it doesn't have the rollerball "feel" to it). But yo, no more leaking ink. And my OCD self can go back to click click click click clicking. Awesome stuff!

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