Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry, New York Times, I'm Too Busy Taking Care of a Feverish Baby to Build My Brand

I haven't read it. I haven't had time. It's all over the blogosphere, tho, so I should rectify that. Right after washing the second load of poopy diapers in two days and taking the little one to the doctor to find out why she's still feverish after two days of antibiotics and why she's pooping ALL THE TIME.

But I have read eloquent, thorough treatments of it. PhD in Parenting wrote a summary with links.

I was going to write a post about babywearing (still plan to) after the CPSC's statement was all over the news on Friday. And I took a photo to complete a draft post that I saved a while back, that I still need to upload. So see, I really am too busy taking care of my little one to do blog stuff. Let alone go to SITS and post and try to get more people to come comment.

I did get one set of lecture exams graded and they are almost ready to post. Right after said doctor visit, a trip to the grocery, and God willing, a short nap.

Because you know, all mommy bloggers are concerned with is building their brand. Right?

I'll post a pic later. I'll try to find something to photograph other than the poopy diaper soaking in the toilet :)

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